Wordpress 3.9

We have just upgraded to WordPress 3.9 and we are pretty impressed!  If you have been using the latest version of WordPress then you won’t immediately see anything vastly different.   But look closer.    Many of our clients update their pages and posts using the Visual Editor and this has been upgraded which is great news.  One new facility we think is great is the ‘drag and drop’ option for adding photos from your desktop.   There is also the option of cutting and pasting text from Word without having to clear up all the messy code.   Yippee!  Website designers everywhere will be really pleased to hear about this!

Moving onto Widgets.  There is now a Live Widget Preview function.  This enables you to add, edit, and play around with your widgets from the theme customizer.   Just go to Themes, Customize and you should see your widgets appearing on the left hand side menu bar.   This enables you to preview your changes in real-time and only save them when you’re ready.

We also love the new Gallery previews.   There are lots more improvements too 🙂

But a note to small business owners with WordPress websites.  Please check with your website designer BEFORE upgrading to ensure that your theme is compatible.  And don’t forget to back up your website before upgrading.

Love the new WordPress 3.9 update!