If you have ever used Tiktok then you many not be surprised to learn that many people use it as a source of information. The short video clip app is growing massively in popularity and is particularly popular with the under 25 years olds. Although most people still use Google as their number one search engine, Tiktok is starting to threaten that position. 40% of users aged 25 years and under say that they use Tiktok instead of Google.

A big advantage of Tiktok is that the video clips are short so people can find the information for what they need quickly. Younger generations tend to have a lower attention span. They don’t want to spend ages searching to find the info that they need. Tiktok is ideal as most video are less than a minute. There are issues with the search facility but many people find the For You selection to be really useful too.

So what does this mean for SEO and digital marketing in general? Clearly Tiktok is becoming an important platform for reaching potential customers. For companies who are targeting a younger demographic, it is essential to understand how Tiktok works before considering if it would be suitable for their products/services. We recommend that our clients install and use the app for a while first.

Google are recognising the power of Tiktok and are going to include Tiktok videos (and Instagram) in it’s search results. It seems highly likely that videos across different platforms will start to appear higher in Google’s search results in near the future. This is an important when planning your SEO content for the future. Videos on Youtube already appear on first page of Google for many search results. Look out for other video platforms to start appearing soon too. So creating targeted content via video is becoming even more important in achieving high Google rankings.

If you are interested in using Tiktok to promote your company please get in touch. We are avid Tiktok users and we are always happy to explain how to use it to reach more customers. Drop us a line at hello@casemarketing.co.uk

Latest SEO news shows Google is under threat from Tiktok