We are an independent marketing and website agency based near Cardiff in South Wales with clients across South Wales, the West and along the M4 corridor.  We also work regularly with overseas clients.


The business is headed by marketing and website specialist Rachel Case who has over 20 years of experience and during that time has helped over 15,000 businesses.  Rachel has worked with a diverse range of clients from blue chip multinationals through to small start-up businesses.  She started her career with Kantar Millward Brown, which is part of the largest advertising group in the world, working with brands such as Mr Kipling, Hovis and Vauxhall.

Over the years Rachel Case has worked with businesses across an enormous range of industries including B2B and B2C.   This work has covered virtually all aspects of marketing and websites.

Rachel also undertakes work on behalf of the Welsh Government as an approved Marketing Advisor for their Business Support programmes.  This work involves providing marketing consultancy, web design, digital marketing and training.   Over the years Rachel has trained thousands business owners on behalf of the Welsh Government.  This is in addition to the training she has provided for other clients including private and public sector.

One of Rachel’s specialisms is digital marketing and she was awarded the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s eMarketing Award.

Our Approach

Our experience of working with a huge number of businesses has enabled us to fine-tune our approach to marketing and website design.  We focus on a ‘no jargon’ approach which is straightforward and works effectively.   Too many businesses are spending far too much time and money on marketing and websites which are not bringing in the returns that they need.   We often end up saving companies a lot of money and helping to achieve their business goals at the same time.

When we are asked to create a website for a client we work closely with them to understand their goals and to ensure that their website performs well for them.   We also work with clients who already have a website but have not had support with ensuring that the website generates sufficient income.

We also stand apart from many competitors in the marketing industry as we do not just provide advice and consultancy.  We are ‘hands on’ and can actually carry out the work for you on your behalf if you wish.

Why not see if we can help you?  We are always pleased to provide a free consultation with no obligation.  Please get in touch via hello@casemarketing.live-website.com