Wix’s Popularity is Rising Fast

In recent years Wix has grown massively in popularity. It is now the sixth most popular CMS (content management system) in the world for building websites. Although it has a long way to go before it rivals WordPress, it’s growth is astonishing. It’s popularity grew over 220% from 2019 and 2020.

Wix is better described as a website builder platform. It is great for start ups and small businesses who want to design and built their own websites. It has low running costs and there are no worries about software updates or taking backups. It’s a no-hassle way of running a blog, website or online shop.

Wix offers a simple drag-and-drop editor which is easy to use. In terms of design, there are over 800 free templates available that can be customized. One drawback is that once you have chosen your template design it cannot be changed so choose carefully! The additonal functions like galleries, online shops, etc. there is the App Market.

In recent years we have been asked by many clients to design and build Wix websites. Typically these are clients are busy people who haven’t got the time to sit and learn how to build a website. They also don’t know how SEO works and need assistance with ensuring their website looks great, performs well and achieves high ranking in Google’s search results. We also get asked to upgrade and modify existing Wix websites. Once their Wix website is completed, it is easy for them to manage it themselves. Their only running cost is their Wix monthly subscription which starts at about £7 depending on their requirements.

About Our Wix Design Service

Our team of Wix experts are available to help with any aspect of your Wix website. We can design and create your Wix website from scratch or we can work on an existing website. If you have started to work on your own Wix website but it isn’t looking or performing as you wish then give us a call or drop us an email. We’re always happy to discuss your project and provide a quote.

We are based near Cardiff in South Wales but we work for clients across Wales and England. We also have overseas clients. Drop us a line if you would like a quote.

Why is Wix so popular with small business owners?