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google-sidebarGoogle has made a significant change by removing the right hand side bar of adverts which used to appear for search results. If you are paying for these adverts (Adwords) then this will be a huge change for you.  It means that Google is only showing their adverts at the top and bottom of the page.  They’ve indicated that they may show up to 4 adverts at the top.

So what does this mean for website owners who rely upon their listings in the organic search results?  Well it means your listing may now appear further down the actual page.  It won’t affect your actual ranking within the search results but it does mean that if Google chooses to display more adverts in your niche then your position will naturally be lower down the page.  For those websites which appeared towards the bottom of page 1 the situation is more serious as they are likely to be pushed to wastelands of page 2.

It means that competition for the coveted first page of Google’s organic search results just got tougher.  So website owners are going to need to work hard at SEO if they want their websites to appear on this page.

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If you want to do your own SEO then you need to be sure to learn as much as you can from reliable sources and keep up to date in this fast moving world. We would also advise you to build up your traffic sources from other platforms to avoid over dependence on Google’s traffic.

Google’s Latest Update – Removal of Sidebar