6 Top SEO Tips for Selling Products

Google has shared 6 top SEO tips to help online shops to improve their presence in the search results. These tips are an essential part of an SEO strategy for ecommerce websites.  These tips aren’t new to those of us in the SEO industry but if you are learning how to use SEO to attract visitors to your shop then its important to understand and utilise these tips.

The main key is to use Google’s Merchant Center effectively. We work with online shops around the world to help their products appear in Google’s search results and so many clients are unaware of the importance of Google’s Merchant Center.  The Merchant Center allows ecommerce shop owners to upload product feeds straight to Google.

Here are their top 6 SEO tips:-

    1. Ensure your products are indexed

In other words, are your products actually appearing in Google? Google visit your website on a regular basis and tries to find all the products using links from other pages. But it often struggles to find every single product. So make life easier for Google and use an up to date sitemap.

2. Are your prices correct on Google?

It can be disastrous  if Google is showing an old price.  Luckily its straightforward to ensure this does not happen. Google recommended that we add structured data to all the product pages and provide Google Merchant Center with structured feeds of your product data.  If you are unsure how to do this please get in touch.

3. Minimize Price & Availability Lag

Again the best way to avoid this is to provide Google Merchant Center with your product feed.  Don’t wait for Google to visit your site.

4. Ensure Products Are Eligible For Rich Product Results

This is really important and an aspect that many online shops overlook.  To be eligible for rich product results you must use of product structured data.

5. Make sure customers who search ‘near me’ can find you

A lot of potential customers prefer to find local suppliers and will select the ‘near me’ option.   There are two easy steps to making sure that you appear for these customers.   Firstly register with Google My Business/Maps for your location pin.  Secondly prepare and send a local inventory feed to Merchant Center.

6. Sign up for Google’s Shopping Tab

Many of our clients complain that their products appear in Google’s search results but not in the coveted Shopping tab.  We help them by providing  product data feeds via Merchant Center and making sure the correct settings are selected.

For more information watch this video from Google



Google’s Latest SEO Tips for Online Shops