Website Grants Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend & South Wales

There are grants available in Wales to pay for or towards the cost of a website.

There are different rules for the website grants in different areas.  Please get in touch and we can find out if you would be eligible.  Some grants will also pay for other business costs too.

It depends on your location and if you are starting in business or already set up. Some pots of money have already been allocated so please don’t delay.

Grants for Welsh businesses
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Different regions have different ways of applying for their grants and website funding.  We work closely with the funders and we can advise you on their application process.

Some funders ask you to complete an application form and others ask for  business plan and a 12 month cashflow forecast.   We can help with your application and prepare the business plan and cashflow forecast with you if needed.

About Us

We are an independent web design and marketing company based in South Wales.  For many years we have helped thousands of small businesses to start up and grow.  We have worked with local public sector and funders to help Welsh businesses to raise funding.

At present there are grants available for businesses in Wales.  Thefunding has been shared between different regions in Wales and is allocated to helping businesses.   Each region has chosen to allocate the funding in different ways.   The grants can be used for a variety of costs such as machinery and marketing.  Please be aware that some regions are reporting that they have been inundated with applications and are no longer accepting enquiries.