Interesting data released in January 2020 reveals that the popularity of WordPress continues to grow.  Today 39.5% of all the websites in the world are built using WordPress.   Many websites are built with no content management systems.   Looking more closely at the data, it shows that if we just look at websites with built-in content management systems then WordPress has the lion share with 64.1% built with WordPress.   This data is provided by W3Techs which tracks usage statistics of web technologies, including content management systems (CMS), operating systems, web hosting providers, top level domains, and more.

WordPress’ huge share of the market is testament to its easy of use and the seemingly infinite options for customising the websites.   Here at Case Marketing, we also appreciate the lack of bugs which makes the lives of developers so much easier!   We have been using WordPress since its humble days as a blogging platform but these days we use WordPress to build a huge variety of websites from simple ‘online brochures’ to more complex sites featuring ecommerce, social media platforms,  communities, blogs, forums, etc..  Our clients appreciate the fact that they can easily update the sites themselves at any time.

Top Content Management Systems

  1. WordPress – 39.6%
  2. Shopify – 3.2%
  3. Joomla – 2.2%
  4. Drupal – 1.5%
  5. Wix – 1.5%
  6. Squarespace – 1.5%
  7. Bitrix – 1.0%
  8. Blogger – 1.0%
  9. Magento – 0.7%
  10. OpenCart – 0.6%





WordPress Now Powers 39.5% of All Websites