We sometimes get asked about the availability of funding to pay towards websites.

Across England and Wales there are some pots of funding available which usually pay a percentage of the costs.   The situation varies hugely from county to county.   In some parts of Wales for example there are organisations which will pay some of the cost for new websites for start up businesses in certain counties.   In Neath Port Talbot there may be* funding for new businesses which are starting up and need a new website.

Please be aware that most of the funding works on a similar basis.   Namely that you apply for the funding BEFORE the work commences.   You often need at least two quotes from professional web designers.   Once the application is approved then the work can begin.   Most of the funders will only pay out when they see written evidence that the work has been paid for in full and that the agreed website is live.

If you would like to find out if there is website funding available in your area please get in touch with us at hello@casemarketing.co.uk

* may be? The situation regarding grant funding changes all the time so we hesitate to say this funding is definitely available. If you are interested please get in touch and we will find out the latest availability and eligibility criteria for you.

Website Grants