Ever since the latesty cyberthreats Gameover Zeus hit the headlines recently we have had many clients asking us about it.   While we are not cybersecurity experts we can point people in the right direction.   There are other threats about too such as the ransomware CryptoLocker and it is important to take some action NOW to protect yourself.
Here are a few basic tips to help you:-

  1. Make sure all your work is backed up.  You do this regularly anyway right?
  2. Check that all your security software is up to date e.g. anti-virus, malware protection etc..  Some viruses can turn off antivirus so make sure everything is running and is up to date.
  3. If you are running Windows or Apple install all the latest updates.
  4. Visit Get Safe Online website for other advice and free tools to search and remove viruses and ransomware.

And if all this fails and you are a victim of online crime then click  Action Fraud to ask for help.

Protect Yourself from Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker

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