Website Design – Pay in Crypto Currency; Bitcoin & Ethereum


We are happy to accept crypto currency payments for our website design services and online training.   You can choose to pay in either Bitcoin or Ethereum.  We may also be able to accept other crypto currencies so please ask if you have a different preference.

New to Cryptocurrencies?

If you are new to using crypto currencies then we strongly recommend learning about them before making the decision to pay with them.   Here’s a useful article which explains more

Free BitCoin 

We suggest using Coinbase to buy and sell crypto currencies. This link will give you £7 of free bitcoin when you buy £72 or more

How does it work?

We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payments.  Our quote will be provided in sterling and we  require payment in installments or upfront.  Once quote has been accepted, we will agree the price of each installment in Bitcoin or Ethereum.  This will be calculated according to the price of the currency on the day of payment, due to the volatilty of crypto currencies.

We offer a 15% discount if you pay by crypto.