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Learn WordPress from the comfort of your own home or office

One of our most popular virtual training services is WordPress lessons via Zoom or Skype.  This virtual training is delivered on an individual basis.  We can also teach several people from the same company or organisation simultaneously.   It is ideal for complete beginners and those looking to update their WordPress skills.

Our trainers are all professional WordPress trainers.   Our customers tend to be from around the world so we are flexible about training times to accommodate different time zones.

Many of our customers are running small businesses and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a website.  Instead they decide to build their own WordPress website or blog.  This training is also ideal for anyone who wants to build a WordPress website but doesn’t know where to start.  We can help you to get set up within one session!  We also train employees who have been asked to manage their company’s website.   Similarly if you already have a WordPress website or blog and you want to learn  more about WordPress then our training is ideal.

How It Works

We recommend an initial virtual training session of 1hr to 2hrs which includes a FREE 15mins session just beforehand to introduce ourselves and to make sure the equipment is set up correctly.    One of our trainers would have contacted you via email beforehand to discuss your requirements to make sure the training meets your needs.

Virtual Training Cost

The cost is £30 per 1 hr session payable in advance.    To find out more please email us at hello@casemarketing.co.uk

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    Learn WordPress via Zoom